Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...

What is a Commercial Photographer?

A Commercial Photographer is a photographer that takes images that help sell things. What is being sold can vary widely. In Behind the Scenes (BTS) imagery, we are helping the client tell their story and sell their brand to potential and current customers. In product imaging, we are helping the business sell the items for sale directly by making photographs of that which they are selling. With 'Corporate Headshots' (business portraits), we are helping the client sell the professional image and stability of the team members of the firm. In documentation photography, we are helping the client prove they have or have done what they have contracted for; this is an important part of selling. The Commercial Photographer's basic job is to make the client look good, especially to current and potential customers of the client.

What Type of Clients do you Serve?

Our services are tailored to selling things, documenting things, and serving the general needs of businesses. These services are appropriate for small businesses to large businesses. In general, they are not appropriate to individuals who are not in business.

How are your Rates Determined?

Many factors go into determining commercial photography rates. For instance, how difficult is the project? How broad will the scope of the license need to be? Hhow long a period of time will the license for the final images need to be good for? What is the global reach of the project and the licensing? How much time will it take to do this project? What is the potential profitability or risk mitigation for the client? In short, every job is negotiated based of a number of factors that are related to the project, to the client, to the items or persons being photographed, and to the photographer.

What Professional Organizations are you a Member of?

Gary Goodsell is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and has been since 2011.